The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Tom and Sandi Blaylock, authors of “Marriage on Mission” - Episode 14 - on how ministry can become a mistress to a marriage

November 18, 2015

Authors, veteran church planters, retreat leaders, and marriage and ministry leadership coaches Tom and Sandi Blaylock (Pawleys Island, SC) share with honesty, grace and transparency the many struggles they've endured as a married couple in ministry.  These experiences have given Tom and Sandi a wealth of wisdom on how married couples can heal their marriages.  This interview truly goes "behind the curtain" of the Blaylock's lives as ministry as host Noah Filipiak walks with Tom and Sandi through topics of working long hours, insecurity, woundedness, using ministry as a mistress, and what to do when a minister's spouse is not interested in doing ministry.  

Many people assume ministry leaders shouldn't have marital problems when in fact the position of ministry leadership innately brings with it unique marital opposition.  
Find Tom and Sandi at and get a free copy of Chapter 1 of their book Marriage on Mission at

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