The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Noel Heikkinen - Episode 10 - On Anxiety, Avoiding Burnout & Guarding Against Ego and Sexual Sin

September 4, 2015

Noah Filipiak interviews Noel Heikkinen, one of the pastors at Riverview Church in Holt, Lansing and East Lansing, MI.  Riverview is a church made up of around 3000 - 4000 people that has 4 venues in the Lansing area.  Noel and Noah discuss the hardest thing about being a pastor, including a helpful discussion about the anxiety pastors and church planters face, how we can combat anxiety, and how churchgoers can help their pastors feel less anxiety.  They discuss how churchgoers can help their pastors stay healthy, avoid burnout, and stay at their current ministry post longer.  They also discuss the dangers of church planting and book publishing, including good reasons to do such ventures as well as sinful reasons.

Noel is a director with the Acts 29 Church Planting network and is author of a book with the working title "Unchained" coming out in early 2017 with David C. Cook publishers.

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