The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Jeremy Dowsett, “Failed” Church Planter - Episode 15 - on the flaws in Evangelical Protestantism and the freedom in gospel discovered apart from church planting

December 10, 2015

The church Jeremy Dowsett started 10 years ago closed its doors in 2015.  In this interview with Noah Filipiak, Jeremy takes us behind the curtain of how he's handled this emotionally and spiritually.  Every church planter who has gone through this experience is going to be unique and Jeremy is no exception.  The interview walks through the flaws in Evangelical Protestantism that Jeremy experienced and how that eventually led him to convert to Catholicism.  We also discuss the emotional weight of pastoring a church plant and what it's been like to be away from that weight, as well as if it's possible for a church planter to truly experience the freedom of the gospel of grace while in the midst of shouldering the load of church planting, or if the two are mutually exclusive. Jeremy also wrote a blog post in 2014 that got so many hits it broke the Internet, making Noah jealous, which we also discuss.

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