The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Ep. 37: Jesus bringing great calm to great chaos + new Flip Side book club exploring gay celibate partnerships with Wesley Hill

October 24, 2020

Noah introduces the next Flip Side Book Club book, Spiritual Friendship by Wesley HillPick up your copy today and sign up to be a part of the book club here. Spiritual Friendship explores gay celibate friendships or partnerships of Christians who are committed to a high view of Scripture and God's design for sex and marriage to be for a man and a woman. The book club will be a place we can respectfully wrestle with, debate, and converse with Wesley's thought-provoking and challenging ideas. It's more than okay to disagree and give challenges as we sharpen each other in our understanding. Noah will be interviewing Wesley on the podcast in January and book club members will be welcomed to send in their questions for Wesley to answer. 

Also of note is Noah's long awaited blog post: Is Masturbation a Sin?
The topic of this episode is based around a sermon Noah preached recently on Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4:35-39. In a chaotic season of COVID-19, racism, and a divisive election, let this passage of Scripture bring peace to these chaotic waters and the daily pain of living in a fallen world. 
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