The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Ep. 34: Interview with Todd A. Wilson on a biblical theology for sex, marriage, and LGBTQ+ issues

August 17, 2020

Noah sits down to talk with Todd Wilson about God's design for sex within marriage between a man and a woman--balancing the need to hold on to biblical truth while holding on to biblical compassion for those who identify as gay or as same sex attracted.

The topics of gender dysphoria, transgender issues, homosexuality, pornography, and sex outside of marriage are all discussed. Also discussed is how the Church must do a better job in talking about sex and in providing a supported lifestyle path of community for those who are committed to living a single, celibate life.

Dr. Todd Wilson is the Co-Founder and President of the Center for Pastor Theologians and the author of multiple books, including Mere Sexuality. Mere Sexuality was a recent Flip Side Book Club read where Noah and podcast listeners interacted through the book's contents at

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