The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Ep. 34: David Staal on Personal Presence, Transforming Community, & Bringing Hope

March 9, 2017

Noah Filipiak interviews author and Kids Hope USA President & CEO David Staal on what it means to show up.  Showing up with personal presence is a rarity in our noise-filled world of busyness, social media, and getting the next thing on our to-do list accomplished.  David's recent book Show Up: Step Out Of Your Story And Into Someone Else's is an approachable collection of examples of what it means to be present in someone's life with genuine love in a way that transforms them, you, and society as a whole.

David currently serves as President & CEO of Kids Hope USA, a fast-growing national non-profit organization that partners local churches with local elementary schools. Kids Hope USA trains churches to provide mentors for at-risk students, and is America’s largest faith-based mentoring program, serving over 20,000 kids through a network of 40,000 volunteers across 34 states.

Noah and David also discuss how the Transforming Community they are in together has shaped them as Christian leaders, helped them avoid burnout, and allowed them to be present before God so they can be present before others.

Show Up: Step Out Of Your Story And Into Someone Else's by David Staal

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