The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Ep. 26, Interview with Nick Stumbo: Going from a pastor looking at porn to Director of Pure Desire Ministries, helping others find freedom

February 17, 2020

Nick and Noah talk through the desire that is underneath the desire to look at pornography, and how the only real way to find freedom is to have that desire met in legitimate ways. Listen in to find out what those legitimate ways are and how you can get past the "every time is the last time" mentality toward pornography and sexual sin. The "legitimate ways" of meeting our deepest desires applies to any area of struggle you may be facing, not just pornography.

Nick is the Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries. He has been in leadership for 15+ years. He was in Pastoral Ministry at East Hills Alliance Church in Kelso, Washington, for 14 years. Nick has a Bachelor’s in Pastoral Studies from Crown College and an MDiv from Bethel Seminary. He has authored two books, Setting Us Free and Safe: Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame.

Pure Desire provides a safe place for hope and healing for men, women, and students impacted by sexual brokenness. Through group resources, counseling, events, and partnerships, men, women, and students can develop sexual integrity, restore broken marriages, and establish healthy relationships.

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