The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Ep. 24, Interview with Tyler St. Clair on dealing with the grind and insecurity of pastoring + race & the Church

January 17, 2020

Noah interviews Tyler St. Clair on his church planting journey in the inner city of Detroit, MI. Tyler is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church Detroit in Detroit, Michigan. He also serves as the network lead for Church in Hard Places in Acts 29’s S. Midwest Network. Tyler talks about dealing with the grind of pastoring and church planting, and the insecurity that most pastors deal with in wanting larger ministries or more recognition. This insecurity is similar to what every person faces in that we all look for something to give us our value, approval, and acceptance...all the things Jesus offers to us in the gospel when we know we our identity as the Father's beloved sons and daughters.

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