The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Derek Webb, musician - Episode 22 - On people walking out of concerts, agitating people with truth and the necessity of having real friends we can be vulnerable with

May 6, 2016

Noah Filipiak interviews Derek Webb about his career change from hit CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) band Caedman's Call to his solo career.  The focus of the interview centers around how to be real as a ministry leader who's in the spotlight with a public persona.  Derek's lyrics are known for being transparent, agitating and vulnerable, yet he shares how he didn't have close friends he was vulnerable until very recently when he was left with no choice.  Derek and Noah discuss this common problem among ministry leaders and what can be done about it. 

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Derek is also the co-founder of Noisetrade, a revolutionary tribe-building platform where artists and authors post free music and books for download.

From the interview, here is the article (copied from Derek's Facebook page) entitled "Derek Webb: On Failure, Liturgy and New Years"

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