The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

Dennis Hammond - Episode 20 - on being raised in inner city Lansing, finding Christ and going to Honduras

April 27, 2016

Noah Filipiak interviews 18-year-old Dennis Hammond on being raised in inner city Lansing, how he found Christ, his June 19-26th trip to Honduras and how the odds are stacked against inner city black youth.  The catalyst of this interview came from Noah helping Dennis fund-raise for his $1600 missions trip and realizing how different it is for an inner city black teen to try paying for a missions trip in comparison to a white suburban teen.  The unfolding conversation between Noah and Dennis highlights fatherlessness, crime and gang activity that riddles inner city youth and the need for the Church to redistribute its network, mentoring and resources to help these teens chart a new path.  Dennis shares about how God saved him from a life of drugs, gangs, crime and despair to a new life as a young leader in his church and an evangelist for God's Kingdom wherever he goes.  If you can give money to help Dennis go to Honduras this June, please visit Dennis's GoFundMe account:

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