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#3 (or 65) The Enneagram, Attraction vs. Lust, & Your map app talking to you in a public restroom

March 15, 2019

Episode 3 / 65 covers a question from the mailbag about lust vs. attraction.  Noah talks about the Enneagram and a new book released this week by his friends Clare and Scott Loughrige, along with Adele and Doug Calhoun, Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram: A Handbook for Harmony and Transformation.  Noah's rant covers all the ways the map app will drive you bonkers, including talking to you while using a public restroom. 

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Show notes: 

Relevant Magazine’s articles on the Enneagram

The Rise of the Enneagram

Looks at some of the confusion surrounding different perspectives of the Enneagram as well as a basic explanation of the Enneagram. Also gives explanation of the modern rise of the Enneagram and how it focuses on what you can become  (not just who you are), and in a spiritual realm, is a tool that can help with transformation. Looks at different uses of it; cautions against using free/basic tests.


How the Enneagram Can Point You to God

Explains and gives a relational/gospel/Biblical foundation for the Enneagram, using it as a tool in our relationship with God and each other. It also addresses some Christians’ issues with the personality tool. Basically explains the Enneagram could be used as a potential roadmap to God’s healing.


Each Enneagram Type’s Biggest Fear & What to do About It

Focuses on the fear associated with each Enneagram number and how to deal with it.


The Best Books for Your Spiritual Growth Based on Your Enneagram Type

A type-by-type book recommendation based on the Enneagram.


3 Ways of Finding Your Enneagram Type That are Better Than Taking Some Online Quiz

Includes a recommendation for a $10 test online, as well as an emphasis on learning in community.

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