The Flip Side with Noah Filipiak

#1 (or #63) - The Flip Side Pilot - Health & Wealth Theology / Prosperity Gospel

February 22, 2019

The pilot episode of brand new The Flip Side podcast goes a little long, but well worth it!  Make sure you listen to the end for "Noah's Rant," a staple to the end of every show.  This episode's rant is on megachurches that don't provide snacks at expensive conferences.

The bulk of the show is spent on the topic of Health & Wealth Theology / The Prosperity Gospel.

You can support the podcast at or - when we hit 15 supporters, there will be a new episode on a bi-weekly basis!  25 supporters = weekly episodes! 

Email your feedback, questions, topic ideas, and snarky remarks to 

Notes from the show:

A humble, biblical look at health & wealth theology (the prosperity gospel) 

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