Tom and Sandi Blaylock, authors of “Marriage on Mission” - Episode 14 - on how ministry can become a mistress to a marriage

November 18, 2015

Authors, veteran church planters, retreat leaders, and marriage and ministry leadership coaches Tom and Sandi Blaylock (Pawleys Island, SC) share with honesty, grace and transparency the many struggles they've endured as a married couple in ministry.  These experiences have given Tom and Sandi a wealth of wisdom on how married couples can heal their marriages.  This interview truly goes "behind the curtain" of the Blaylock's lives as ministry as host Noah Filipiak walks with Tom and Sandi through topics of working long hours, insecurity, woundedness, using ministry as a mistress, and what to do when a minister's spouse is not interested in doing ministry.  

Many people assume ministry leaders shouldn't have marital problems when in fact the position of ministry leadership innately brings with it unique marital opposition.  
Find Tom and Sandi at and get a free copy of Chapter 1 of their book Marriage on Mission at

Susie Finkbeiner, Novelist - Episode 13 - on Exhaustion, Superficiality, Politics and Staying Grounded

October 27, 2015

Susie Finkbeiner has written three novels, with her recent A Cup of Dust being released today, October 27th, with Kregel Publishers.  In this episode, Noah Filipiak interviews Susie about exhaustion, how to handle exhaustion, the superficiality of "puppy hug and rainbow kiss" Christianity (and Christian fiction), politics and how to stay grounded.


Ruth Haley Barton, spiritual formation author - Episode 12 - on Performance-Oriented Drivenness, Ego, Pace, Soul & Spiritual Transformation

October 1, 2015

Ruth Haley Barton is the award winning author of 7 books and the founder of The Transforming Center.  Her book Sacred Rhythms won the Logos Book Award for Best Book Award on Spirituality and her book Invitation to Solitude and Silence won the Christianity Today Book of the Year Award for Spirituality.  In this interview, Noah Filipiak interviews Ruth about how to deal with success and failure, burnout, ego, ambition, technology, pace, false self and true self, finding who we truly are in Christ versus the facade strategies we have learned to protect ourselves, and much more.  Ruth and her Transforming Community team have extensive experience helping Christians and ministry leaders find their true self in Christ and are uniquely gifted and called to this essential work in today's hectic, cluttered, performance-driven culture we live in.  If you've ever struggled with having a dry devotional time with the Lord and wondered if there was more to experience from God than you currently know, God has led you to the right person by now connecting you with Ruth Haley Barton and the Transforming Center.


Josiah Price, Record breaking TE for the #4 Michigan State Spartans - Episode 11 - on the temptations college football players face, the pressure put on by fans and how he stays grounded

September 17, 2015

In this episode, Noah Filipiak interviews the starting tight end for the #4 ranked Michigan State Spartans football team, redshirt junior Josiah Price.  Price has 13 career touchdowns at Michigan State, a record for a tight end, including 3 in the first 3 games of 2015.  He caught the go ahead touchdown against #2 ranked Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game in 2013, as well as a fourth quarter touchdown in the 2014 Cotton Bowl against #5 ranked Baylor that began a 21 point 4th quarter comeback for Michigan State.  Michigan State was the 2013-14 Big Ten and Rose Bowl champion, finishing 3rd overall and the 2014-15 Cotton Bowl Champion, finishing 5th overall.

Noah and Josiah discuss the temptations facing college football players, how Josiah stays grounded, as well as the ‘superfan’ mindset of many fans who take college football way too seriously.  Noah and Josiah unpack death threats sent via social media to Josiah’s teammates after bad plays, as well as how a player is worshiped and adored if they make a good play.


Noel Heikkinen - Episode 10 - On Anxiety, Avoiding Burnout & Guarding Against Ego and Sexual Sin

September 4, 2015

Noah Filipiak interviews Noel Heikkinen, one of the pastors at Riverview Church in Holt, Lansing and East Lansing, MI.  Riverview is a church made up of around 3000 - 4000 people that has 4 venues in the Lansing area.  Noel and Noah discuss the hardest thing about being a pastor, including a helpful discussion about the anxiety pastors and church planters face, how we can combat anxiety, and how churchgoers can help their pastors feel less anxiety.  They discuss how churchgoers can help their pastors stay healthy, avoid burnout, and stay at their current ministry post longer.  They also discuss the dangers of church planting and book publishing, including good reasons to do such ventures as well as sinful reasons.

Noel is a director with the Acts 29 Church Planting network and is author of a book with the working title "Unchained" coming out in early 2017 with David C. Cook publishers.


Luke Gilkerson - Episode 9, Why do pastors look at porn and have affairs? - “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast

August 15, 2015

Noah Filipiak interviews Covenant Eyes' Luke Gilkerson on why pastors look at porn & have affairs. Applicable to men, women, pastors and churchgoers, this is a must listen for the Church.

Luke is the Educational Resource Manager at Covenant Eyes, he also runs the Covenant Eyes blog where he is also a frequent author.  Luke’s personal blog is and he is the author of The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality & Coming Clean: Overcoming Lust Through Biblical Accountability.


Chris Pruett - Episode 8 - “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast

August 10, 2015

Noah Filipiak interviews Chris Pruett, the self-titled “Happiest Homeless Person in Lansing.”  Chris attends Pastor Noah's church and does a great job of shedding the light of love and humanity onto homelessness.  Learn about homelessness from the eyes of a homeless person.  Chris is intelligent, creative and funny.  See for a small sampling of the various signs (and boxes for his head) that Chris wears around Lansing.


Zachary Bartels - Episode 7 - “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast

July 3, 2015

In this interview Noah talks with Zachary Bartels on the balance of being both a pastor and a Christian fiction author. They  talk about the required "self-promotion" of the author world and the safeguards that have to be put in place to make sure this doesn't become sin.  Noah shares the insecurities he faced when he began trying to get published, including embarrassing moments due to this insecurity.  They talk about making money as an author and using fiction as a medium for communicating gospel truth like a ninja. 


Jessa Anderson - Episode 6 - “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast

June 4, 2015

Recording artist Jessa Anderson and Noah talk about the tension in the Christian music industry between making good music with good theology, how all of life’s struggles can’t be fixed in a 3 and half minute song with a pretty bow at the end of it, and the lure of writing in a way that will get you on the radio.  They talk about the depression and anxiety ministry leaders face and how our churches and Christian music need to give more exposure to these darker sides of our faith walk.  If you are a music fan of any kind, are a ministry leader, or want to know how to better support your ministry leaders, this is a great episode for you.


David Singleton - Episode 5 - “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast

May 20, 2015

Youth pastor David Singleton and I talk about the different narratives of the white and black cultures and how this relates to the Church. We discuss the Baltimore riots, racial segregation in churches, the differences between suburban and urban youth ministry, and steps we can take to be the Church Jesus intended.  David has been the youth pastor at Crossroads Church in Lansing, MI for the past year and prior to this did urban youth ministry in Philadelphia, PA / Camden, NJ as well as Watts and Compton (Los Angeles), California.  David is also a spoken word artist and performs his poem "Dad Was Locked Up."